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Iontaobhas Apnoea Codlata na hÉireann

The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust promotes awareness, understanding and treatment of Sleep Apnoea through education, research and fund raising.

Media Press Releases - The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust (ISAT)


Media and Press releases by the Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust.  The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust (ISAT) is a non-political, non-profit making voluntary patient support group for sufferers of Sleep Apnoea (and their families). 


We are delighted to announce that our Honorary Secretary, Dan Smyth, has been appointed Chair of The European Lung Foundation (ELF). It is the first time in the history of ELF that a 'patient' has been appointed to this prestigious position, which has traditionally been filled by leadership figures from The European Respiratory Society (ERS).

ELF( was founded by the ERS ( in 2000 with the aim of bringing together patients, the public and respiratory professionals to positively influence lung health. ELF is registered as a charity in the UK, based in Sheffield, with an advocacy office in Brussels and works closely with the ERS office in Lausanne. ELF works with over 150 European Lung Health Charities, with the common goal of improving lung health. Due to the close links with ERS, ELF is also subject to Swiss regulation.

Dan will officially become 'Chair' during the ERS International Congress (6th-10th September 2014) which will take place in Munich.The ERS Congress is the largest Respiratory Congress in the world, attracting over 20,000 delegates. During the intervening period, Dan will 'shadow'; the current Chair, Monica Fletcher OBE, and he will be referred to as the 'Chair Elect'. As Chair of ELF, Dan will sit on the Executive Committee of the ERS (also Advocacy and Finance Committees), which puts him at the heart of the future development of Respiratory Medicine in Europe.

Dan has represented ISAT on the ELF Patient Advisory Committee (PAC)( over the past four years and serves on the Steering Committee of the European Patient Ambassador Programme ( Two years ago he was elected by PAC to represent them on the ELF Council, for a three year term. Along with these roles he is Deputy Chair of La Federation Sleep Apnea Europe, who are based in Paris.
In  September 2013, Dan became the first 'patient' to co-chair a Symposium at the ERS International Congress held in Barcelona and will become the first 'patient' to speak to The ERS School (on NIV/CPAP patient perspective) in Munich.

This appointment is a very positive development for both Dan and ISAT, placing us in a position to positively influence developments in Sleep Disordered Breathing throughout Europe, particularly in the areas of better treatment device comfort and improvement in paediatric respiratory services. Dan will continue to act as ISAT Secretary.

Dan's public engagements begin in Paris, where he will speak about The European Patient Ambassador Programme at The Annual European Congress of Rheumatology EULAR 2014 on 14th June next.

We wish Dan every success.

Arthur O'Hara.




BBC One Programme on Sleep Disorders - Goodnight Britain!

- Episode 1 Wed 28 November 2012

- Episode 2 Thu 29 November 2012

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Commercial drivers could be understating sleep apnoea symptoms for fear of losing their licence!

Vienna, Austria: People who drive commercial vehicles, such as buses, taxis, trucks and aeroplanes, could be incorrectly reporting their symptoms of sleep apnoea due to their fears of endangering their employment, according to a new study.

The research was presented 1 September 2012 at the European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress in Vienna.